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Studies in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, the Founder of the Christian religion. Ten lessons about His miracles, parables, death, burial, and resurrection. Why we believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible: evidences for the Christian faith. The lordship of Jesus, the meaning of discipleship, salvation, forgiveness of sins, obedience, baptism, and Divine authority vs.

Learn about the church Christ established, worship of God, and the origin of denominations. Eight lessons with quizzes.

A Biblical Decision-Making Guide: 76 Bibles Verses About Making Choices

Studies in the history of the early church and the beginning of Christianity as revealed in the Acts of the Apostles. Discusses the kingdom of Christ, church organization and worship, examples of conversion, the nature and purpose of miracles, the Christian faith, and the work of the Holy Spirit. Seven lessons with quizzes. A continuation of Course A. Seven lessons. Studies about how to grow as a disciple of Christ: spiritual maturity, discipleship, and Christian growth.

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  7. How to change yourself, how to study the Bible, prayer, attending church worship meetings, and giving. Further studies about Christianity and living as a Christian: human relationships family, business, government, and race relations ; morality, ethics, and moral purity; responsibilities of Christians in a local church; church organization independence vs.

    Studies about forgiveness and salvation from sin. Learn about the nature of sin, God's grace, Jesus' sacrifice, faith, repentance, confession, baptism, faithfulness, and the church. What about infant baptism, sprinkling and pouring? How does one become a Christian?

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    7. I always highlight the names of God or Jesus in pink, so when I look at a passage I can immediately see where He is mentioned. The bible is a book about God, so I start by concentrating on His name first. I can then more easily locate attributes and actions specific to Him. This is important to me, as I often write out my thoughts, references to other passages, sermon notes, and relevant experiences with the date in my bible. In many ways my bibles serve as diaries of what I was going through in certain seasons.

      I try to keep my notes succinct so I can return again and again to the same passages and continue to write in the margins.

      How I Study the Bible: Step by Step - Phylicia Masonheimer

      I keep a notebook for more longform notes and prayers. How should I act? Who am I? Only by seeing it in this context do we understand who HE is and therefore understand who WE are this is extremely important for spiritual maturity, as I talk about in this post.

      Last but not least, I ask God to open my eyes to His Word and how to live in the light of it each day. Check it out here! Some of my favorite resources, both from my days studying the bible academically and my current routine, are as follows. These are affiliate links, which means if you buy a book through my Amazon link I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

      Bible study is the means by which God reveals Himself to us. But we must remember that making a study of anything is never easy! Expect it to be a continual discipline. You may not feel like doing it, but by doing it anyway, you will see fruit.

      3 mins a day,grow faith easily

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